Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer Heels

   My friends and I are currently in the midst of planning out our summer looks and so I have decided to blog about a topic that provides me great interest: summer heels. ( I need money.. now.)

   Summer heels are of utmost importance my dear readers. I've never attempted to wear heels for days on end but this year, I promise myself that I will. Because one of my lifelong goals is to be the type of woman who wears heels all the time no matter how formal or informal a situation is, I need to get started. I bought a pair of beautiful gold leather gladiator heels last summer for prom... but I couldn't wear them because I sprained my ankle. Now, almost a year later, I. Am. Going. To. Enjoy. Them. 

   My favorite looks right now are the chunky, thick strapped heels, or the sky high wooden clogs. Once you've broken them in and gotten used to the height, the heels will be just fine. Chic Chic Chic!

Remember, beauty is pain.

Jeffrey Campbell Virgo Espadrille Wedges $110

KORS Michael Kors Margo Sandal $130

J.Crew Cyprus Metallic Gladiator Heels, $165

Shop Till You Drop.


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