Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amazing Asmara

   My group of girlfriends and I went to Asmara to celebrate our dear friend Sarah's birthday on Monday night. It was so delicious!! No one from our group had eaten Ethiopian food before so we were super eager to try it and I am most definitely going back again! So good! The atmosphere, music and food were parfait!

   It's located next to the Central Square stop on the Red Line.. please go, its worth the price! It was a bit pricey, $20 each person including tip. Not bad for the amount they gave us! No one could fully finish their meal, the Ingara (sponge-like bread to eat with instead of using utensils) was super heavy after a while. I ordered a lamb dish, yum yum yum.
   And because it was Sarah's birthday, they gave her a beautiful slice of chocolate mousse cake on the house! So nice :)

Sarah's Asmara Tea - cinnamon, cloves and various spices.

Table #1's dish - All sorts of different curries!

Table #2's Dsh

Sarah's birthday cake!

And of course, we all went to Harvard Square afterwards to grab some dessert. For the 198737th time, I got my lychee with strawberries, mochi and lime combo at Pinkberry.. 

.. addicted? I THINK NOT. okay maybe.



  1. go to addis red sea. there's one btwn porter and harvard sq and one in south end. reallyy good too

  2. i will! i've always wanted to go to addis!