Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Eateries

Bonjour readers! Just came up with the idea of reviewing my fave restaurants in Boston. I'll be continually adding to this list and hopefully branch off into other cities as well! All prices, types and locations will be showcased so enjoy :) I hope you visit my favorite restaurants!

L'Espalier (

Ever since Tessa and I came here for Restaurant Week, I have had an intense craving to go back. It's an amazing restaurant overlooking Boylston Street that's based on traditional American cuisine with French roots. The food, service and setting were stellar. And the dessert was unbelievable. Because it was Restaurant Week, the price was super cheap, but if you want to go on a regular day, expect to pay a lot; around $100 for a meal. But trust me, it's so worth it!

Le's Restaurant (

An obvious choice; my mom and I LOVE this place. Seriously, its probably my most frequented eatery in Boston. Its Vietnamese with French influence and simply delicious. Every single time I go, my food is amazing, fresh and quick to come out of the kitchen. When you go, order number 36! It's so delicious, and exemplifies Vietnamese food. YUM. Oh, and as an added bonus, Le's is super cheap.

Pinkberry (

Well all of you know that I have a more-than-slight obsession with Pinkberry. After this opened on Newbury Street, Harvard Square and now the Prudential Center, my life has revolved around it. The new lychee flavor is officially my favorite store-bought dessert. I can't get enough! My favorite combination? Lychee with Strawberries, Mochi and Lime. Perfection.


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