Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunglasses On, Feeling So Major.

Saw my mother and D today, had a  great time at Le's, formerly known as Pho Pasteur! So good :)  And then I went to Lush and picked out my favorite lip scrub, Sweet Lips. So amazing, you use it once a week and the lack of lip balm-use afterwards is astounding! Here it is:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (With Sweetened and Condensed Milk)

Shrimp Toast (Delish)

My Entree - Vermicelli Dish (Bun) With Pork, Mint, Cucumber, Vegetable Roll

Mother's Entree - Spring Roll Vermicelli 

Daniel wouldn't let me take a picture of his entree titled, "Curry Beef."

Lush "Sweet Lips" Scrub

Before and After Emotions: (I'm not ashamed! hehehe)


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