Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheese On The House? Yes Please!

     Although this happened a couple weeks back, it was so life-changing that I must share. I visited one of my close friends Tessa in Brooklyn. After getting over  the excitement of reuniting with one another, we both decided that we were desperate for a nice dinner. Seriously, until you have lived for months on college food, (although mine is pretty good!) you have no idea how in need you are for a well-cooked meal.

   After searching and searching, we finally came across Artisanal, a French restaurant in the city. Not only did it have amazing reviews, it was also labeled as "The Best Cheese Shop in Manhattan." Tessa and I, being cheese fiends, jumped at the chance to be able to gorge ourselves on god's gift. Once we arrived, we sat down and began to enjoy our meal. For the appetizer, we shared the cheese plate with three cheeses: a delectable goat cheese that was as creamy as creamy could be, an uber soft brie that melted in our mouths, and finally, the German Lumberger, aka The Best Cheese Ever. The perfect amount of stench and ripeness, we demolished the plate with fervor. I wish I had a picture of the plate, but I think I was too excited to remember that I had a camera with me. For our entrees, Tessa ordered the Wild Mushroom Risotto and I chose the Trout Almondine.

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Butternut Squash and Black Truffle Butter. Yum.

Trout Almondine with Sauteed Beans in Garlic and Lemon Sauce. Mmmm!

Doesn't  that look beyond major?! For dessert, we shared... 

Chocolate Fondue (for two!)

     So after feasting on everything good in the world, we decided the German Lumberger was too good to let go. It was past 11 and we had plans to go out afterwards. So we went to the cheese counter and asked to buy the last remaining chunk of Lumberger, which was huge! The man at the counter told us that because it was so ripe, it wouldn't keep until the morning. And so he gave us the cheese on the house. For Free. Free. FREE. We took the cheese and went back to her dorm, feasted on it, and fell deep into a cheese coma. Which, I must say, is the very best type of coma you can fall into. Here it is! (And some extras!)

Tessa, so pretty!

Moi :)

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  1. Tu me rends très faim, Emily! Seriously, about that Lumberger...I can't remember the last time I had fabulous (and somewhat stench-y) cheese! I am officially ravenous. For the good stuff.

    And the blog is absolutely gorgeous- inviting, classy, and so you! When the real you is far away, I can still read this. Merci!