Wednesday, March 16, 2011


L'Espalier. The place where only my dreams have been and I think about every lonely day of my existence. I salivate at the thought of sitting upstairs on Boylston Street, looking nice and enjoying one of the best meals in Boston. 

Well you know what? My dreams are no more. I, Emily Ingram, have been to L'Espalier (with Tessa.)

I never thought the day would come. But then, Restaurant Week 2011 happened. Last year, I visited Cafe Fleuri with my mother, this year, L'Espalier. If you're close to me, you know how happy and excited I was about this glorious meal from the gods!

But now onto describing the experience:

After getting off at the Copley T Stop, Tessa and I opened the heavy door and walked into a small room with a cute old lady. She asked us what our reservation was under and then directed us into the elevator that had just come down. We stepped in and as the doors closed, she said, "Bon Appetit!" with a smile and we began our L'Espalier journey. After they took our coats and we sat down in a beautiful lounge, our name was called to be served. We sat down at a pristine table that overlooked the others and also the city beneath us and waited in excitement!

Table Setting

Obviously, Tessa and I being cheese fiends, we needed to order the extra Cheese Course for $12. It. Was. Amazing. Four cheeses, honey with pinenuts, candied walnuts and apricots, all to be eaten with this amazing fruity/nutty bread. We were in heaven to say the least. 

Cheese Course

First Course: Tessa ordered the goat cheese dish, while I ordered a mussel plate. Mine was perfectly cooked and aesthetically stunning, while Tessa's was an experiment. She had pink foam at the top! It tasted like sour rhubarb and when she paired it with the goat cheese, it brought out the taste of the cheese  so beautifully. 

Goat cheese curd, poached rhubarb, kalamata olive sable, cabernet sauvignon vinagrette

Mussels, garam masala, wild grain tabouleh; soft cooked farmer's egg, cashew curry emulsion

Tessa eating her delectable food!

So good!

Main Course: I ordered a meat dish that was so delicious, very well-cooked and again, so beautiful. Tessa ordered the fish dish which was, like mine, perfect in every way. The colors of the food were stunning and so pristine!

Slow braised short ribs, parsnip veloute, roasted red onions

The colors!

Fines herbes-crusted Arctic char, preserved lemon, spring pea risotto

Beautiful Chandelier

Calla Lily

Dessert: This was the best course of all! T and I aren't true dessert-lovers but this was so amazing and fresh and made the whole meal taste like a work of art. Perfection.

Buttermilk panna cotta, guava cream cheese mousse, lychee foam

 Our Table

Cheese Cart, stunning!

xx E

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